Time locked messages - what for?
What do we do with Fratchy?
So we build an app that has delayed messaging, you send a message and other other person knows they have a message but cannot open it.

Now we have a problem, users don't seem very engaged. So now is the time to help us fix Fratchy.

We don't know why you would use it.

Accept the challenge, tell us why this app makes sense.
A Fratchy is a message you send to someone that's locked for a time period you decide
What do you mean by delayed messages?
The person accepting the message will receive a notification, but they can't view the content until the unlock time. Annoying, right?
How long can a message be locked for?
Minimum 1 hour, maximum 1 year… Have fun!
Daily Images
Unsure of what to send? Each day our daily images are updated with new content for you to choose from
Our inbuilt meme generator is fully editable, just press on the text and type away
Once a message has been unlocked you can chat in real time
Can I delete a sent message?
No. Once sent, it's locked and gone

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Privacy Policy
Legals and other stuff. Do people actually read them? Probably not, so they're not here.